Flat Earth Destroyed – The Curve Calculator by Baldy Catz


This is another lesson from Baldy Catz showing how the curve calculator works and it shows yet again that the Flat Earth is simple stupidity. This is another very, very good lesson that completely stands the Flat Earth argument on its head. It is gratifying to find such information and completely free. Also, from proper educators just doing what they do best.

Flat Earth Destroyed by Baldy Catz

This is one main issue with Flat Earth individuals, they have all this knowledge right in front of them but they choose to act like children and stick their fingers in their ears. No joke, I have actually seen this before and they literally look like children while doing so. I even saw a guy that said that the Moon was carved out of the Grand Canyon, filled with helium, and put up there to mock us. You seriously cannot make this stuff up.

Baldy Catz
Eddie Bravo and Kron Gracie – Two Complete and Utter Morons


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