Home Education Astronomy Lesson by SciManDan – Lecture 4/4

Astronomy Lesson by SciManDan – Lecture 4/4

Astronomy Lesson by SciManDan – Lecture 4/4

This is part four of a series of educational pieces that SciManDan put together for everyone. This gentleman really knows his stuff and is a very good educator in my opinion and these lessons can help anyone understand the skies above us. Simple science always wins out with these subject matters. It is just some education on the subject matter that needs to happen to weed it all out of our society.

Science and Astronomy is the Cure for Flat Earth

One thing you will notice from Flat Earth videos is how they categorize them as Education, which is really upsetting to people that actually educate people like SciManDan here. It is literally some simple astronomy lessons that put the Flat Earth idea where it belongs, as an archaic idea that has no basis in reality at all. The more people that we make literate as far as science goes the more this idea goes away.

If you are interested in learning something this is one of the many people to listen to. We will have many more posted up here for everyones perusal so feel free to read, listen, and learn about some amazing basic facts about the sky and some of the celestial objects above us. The more you educate yourself on the world around you the less likely you are to fall victim to some of the world’s worst ideologies.

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Flat Earth Paranoia at its Worst


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