Baldy Catz Helping Out Flat Earth Individual Nathan Thompson


I personally do not participate on Facebook, for me it is just a waste of time but for Nathan Thompson it is a breeding ground for his nonsensical Flat Earth ideology. Spreading ignorance like this when there is way, way more than enough evidence that a child can actually get it is sad. Luckily we have Baldy Catz to help us out with this idiot.

Helping Out a Sad Flat Earth Flunky

What we have here is another simple minded individual that needs help. Even though he won’t listen we want to make sure that there is ample information out there to help people that tend to fall victim to this sort of ridiculousness. Baldy Catz excels at this and has very, very good credentials as well to back up everything up to and including being an actual educator for years. Nathan Thompson is simply another grown man child that is confused and while it is his right to be wrong we won’t stand by and let him spread it without us people back in reality letting everyone know how full of it he really is.

If you are listening to any Flat Earth drivel and think that it has some basis in reality I want you to ask yourself this simple question. Is it possible that all of the laws of physics have been completely lifted in the favor of your one simple idea or that your are simply mistaken? Seriously … answer that honestly. To me that is quite a simple way to tell where you are on blather like every Flat Earth idea.

Baldy Catz
Flat Earth Playing Dirty On YouTube


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