Chemistry – Moles GCSE Explained by Baldy Catz


This is a beautiful explanation of some chemistry of which I personally understand very little of. Out of all of the science classes I have had the only one that really confused me was chemistry. It was the one time I actually had a teacher that really did not seem to care either. That has happened twice to me, once in high school and once in college.

Chemistry Lesson w/Baldy Catz

These lessons are very important since they show that the people that we go to actually have an understanding of science in the world around us. Also, it is these people that we need to get individuals on the fence with Flat Earth to listen to. They are paramount to putting out this Flat Earth issue.

Chemistry – A Trusted Science

So, if anyone was curious how much we can trust these individuals on YouTube these types of lessons really show their credentials. Also, it is nice to have some education that is actually free (aside from Internet costs). This shows that people that believe that the Earth is flat really have no excuse for their nonsense, especially with all of the good information that is out there.

Baldy Catz
Eddie Bravo – Scientifically Illiterate Utter Moron


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