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Debunking of Another Flat Earth Individual Denying the ISS

Debunking of Another Flat Earth Individual Denying the ISS

This is yet another individual that thinks their understanding of the natural world tops that of our world’s smartest people throughout history. Not to mention all of the scientists, teachers, professors, lab techs, and etc etc. A lot of them actually think they are being humble and wow, the arrogance of that is just mind blowing.

Flat Earth Individual – Denying the ISS

Okay, first off I need to say this since I am someone who has actually performed this as an amateur astronomer. “Hold on, I can see the ISS in the sky and I can track it.” I know that may sound weird at the moment but you need to watch SciManDan in his video to understand it and yes, everyone needs to say it with us as well! Yes, this guy really thinks that the ISS is not really there even though I have seen it with my own eyes, through my binoculars, and also my cheap telescope. He claims that his math skills are good … this is while in the midst of spitting on the ground of every scientist and teacher that ever lived; he’s a classy one! This is really Flat Earth claims at their best, or worst, depending on the context.

I mean, the more I watch these individuals that people like SciManDan cover; I feel almost obligated to ask, “Where do we hit rock bottom?” Not have we hit rock bottom, but have we yet is my query? Because this is just a complete disconnect from reality; period. Nothing needs to be really said about it more than that and the answer is simply three things; education, education, and oh yeah … education!

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