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Mountain Claims Confound Idiotic Human

Mountain Claims Confound Idiotic Human

I usually do not write these while I’m watching the videos, but this one I just needed to get out of the way. They play music like they are revealing something extremely profound and a part of the time they are just moving their mouse around the desktop. These are just more idiots proving nothing but how their own drivel tastes when they spit out this nonsense.

Lying About Mountains

Yes, you heard it here. Someone has anounced to everyone that the government is shaving the sides of hills on the sides of our interstates to make it appear that you are elevating. This doesn’t deserve a facepalm, just a swift backhand, then a year of elementary school science lessons. I watched this and went; seriously? Is this where we are at now? I know there are a lot of crazy things that people believe but just; wow!

SciManDan does a good job keeping us grounded on this one but believe me, after you start watching it, you will want to turn it off. So, don’t bother going to the other channels, in fact, I would even say completely stay off the other channels. It is mostly all just mindless nonsense with some major paranoia along with it. Some of the content on these channels is simply horrid. People saying that school shootings are hoaxes and etc, etc. Apologies for not making a longer list there, I just can’t at the moment.

Nitwit Thinks Dinosaurs Are a Lie


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