Flat Earth Cluelessness With Blinding Science Experiments


This is another clueless individual that has the sense of a rodent unfortunately. His name is Flat Earth Focker and he is spreading pure ignorance yet again. This particular bit of information that he is spreading can actually be very dangerous so be warned.

Our friend SciManDan gives a very good warning about this as well and he does a much better job at explaining it than I do. So please, heed his warnings, and do not stare at the sun. Yes, I know how stupid that sounds and I cannot believe that I even need to say that where a grown adult is concerned; but here we are.

Flat Earth With More Dangerous Information

I myself am an amateur astronomer/astrophotographer, which I do not talk about a lot here but it is relevant to this gentleman’s comment on staring into the sun. Astronomers do take pictures of the sun but we need to use a special kind of filter to even attempt it since it would literally fry our eyes. The same type of issue happens when you look into the sun. It is just not as amplified by a lens but can still cause irreversible damage; even blindness.

So, outside of his utter ignorance of staring into the sun, he is also a Flat Earth believer as well. I’m honestly not surprised that he is a flat earth believer since he is stupid enough to stare into the sun. This is where we call on our buddy SciManDan to set him straight with a rebuttal and calling him out on his general ignorance of the natural world around him.

D. Marble Clueless Yet Again


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