Flat Earth Community Comes With a Deep Paranoia


Here is FTFE showing up yet another Flat Earth individual that is actually new to me. He comes from Australia and he has a deep paranoia that I believe is a major part of the psyche of people that believe this sort of nonsense. I am giving a fair warning to everyone that he is partially naked (unmentionables are covered) through some of it while FTFE does a good job with this warning I figured I should say it as well before anyone hits play.

Flat Earth Paranoia

This paranoia is paramount when dealing with this issue. This type of paranoia fuels so much that it really becomes a major issue and it really doesn’t matter where you are from; this is dangerous. There is a simple equation to see how dangerous this is. The type of ignorance breeds a very dangerous paranoia, that paranoia turns into fear, and that fear in time can turn into violence if not kept in check.

Poor Kid Psyche Destroyed by Flat Earth


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