Flat Earth Idiocy – A Great Example of the Dangers


We would like everyone to take a very good look at the poor misled kid in the article. He is completely sold on this idea and even has some antisemitism in his tone as well. One thing I have noticed is that a lot of Flat Earth individuals (like this kid) are super religious, though, that is a completely different topic. If you listen to him and how hyped up he gets you can see how dangerous this topic is. Some education in science can solve this issue but unfortunately the school system has been failing all of us here for quite a while.

Flat Earth Dangers – Lack of Science Based Knowledge

There is a simple equation that I have mentioned before and this is a prime example of it here. Ignorance up to and including false conspiracy theories like the Earth being flat can sometimes lead to an unhealthy case of paranoia. That paranoia can lead to fear and that fear can possibly fester until you get violence. Now I am not saying that all conspiracy theorists or Flat Earth individuals are all violent human beings, although, I do think it is a good push in the wrong direction if you already have mental issues.

Take a look at the actions of this kid while they are trying to talk to him and see exactly how dangerous this actually is. If anyone knows this poor kid, please, get him some help. After you get him some help send him to a very good tutor in science and math because he is about as intelligent as a rock when it comes to science unfortunately.

Flat Earth Paranoia at its Worst


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