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3 Flat Earth Theories That Debunk Themselves

3 Flat Earth Theories That Debunk Themselves

This is simply priceless, all we have here is a complete and utter admittance of Flat Earth individuals that they have absolutely no idea about reality. They take what they call knowledge and apply it to some idiot experiments where they do not prove anything. Please, nobody should be taking these people seriously!

The Idiocy of Flat Earth Nonsense

To subscribe to Flat Earth is to subscribe to ignorance and also to the action of spitting in the face of the whole body of knowledge that science has brought us about our natural world. This is where I have a problem because people fall for it. Thankfully, we have Conspiracy Catz pointing out yet more pointless ridiculousness with Flat Earth individuals actually debunking themselves.

It is ironic that they say they are using science but when you take logic and scientific knowledge as we know it and you apply it to some of their “experiments” (when referring to them, I am using “experiments” very, very loosely) they really debunk themselves. It is unfortunate for them that they have less than a grade school knowledge of the natural world and they should be really ashamed of themselves. I’ll just let the video speak for itself, Conspiracy Catz does a very good job of pointing out their errors.

Conspiracy Catz
Flat Earth Makes Fools of Themselves With Starhopper Test Launch


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