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Here at Flat Earth Debunked by Science we have one major goal and that is to put a stop to the Flat Earth ignorance that is spreading. The main issue with this is education. Our education system has failed and let people through and allowed a complete and utter misunderstanding of the natural world spread way too far unfortunately. Normally at another point in time we might see a select few people here and there say something ridiculous like some of the Flat Earth blather we hear today, but they would be quickly corrected.

Here to Stop Flat Earth Ridiculousness

Now we have large groups believing in this ignorance and worse off we have popular individuals like Eddie Bravo and Kron Gracie, who are martial arts stars, spewing this nonsense out for millions to hear it. So, we are going all in on this and we do not care who it is or how popular they are; we will call them out every time! This is what needs to be done with this preposterous subject matter called Flat Earth.

If I’m being completely honest, I cannot believe this even needs to be done. How did things get this bad? Well, for starters, it is one of the very few downsides of the Internet; we’re looking at you YouTube! YouTube allows this Flat Earth drivel and it kills me to see how they treat it. They actually allow these people to post their nonsense under the category of Education. Seriously, how can they call themselves reputable and allow people to put stuff up that can literally damage individuals psychology for years or longer.

Other Than Flat Earth

Outside of the Flat Earth prattle there are plenty of other conspiracies that we will tackle as well. There are plenty to choose from and that is the most liberal way I can say that unfortunately. I mean, people that believe lizards run the world as well as deniers that dinosaurs even existed and everything in between.

In the end we are really here to try to help educate as much as we can and try to keep people as scientifically literate as possible. This way they will have an arsenal of knowledge if ever confronted by these people. As far as the individuals that already believe in all of this nonsense, up to and including Flat Earth, the only people that can help them is themselves.

If you know someone like that, seriously, try and talk to them; especially if they are younger. If you want to see what this nonsense can do to a child, just check the link below and see how out of his mind that poor kid is. The problem is once they cross over to some of these conspiracy theories it is very, very hard to break.

I have personally seen some of these them acting like children when being told cold hard facts about science. By being childish I mean literally sticking their fingers in their ears while being refuted in a debate. But facts and logic are their enemy and we have a whole bunch of knowledgeable individuals at the ready to set them straight; every time!!

From all of us here at Flat Earth Debunked by Science, thank you for your time and attention and we will keep the scholarly information flowing for as long as it takes. We are in this for the proverbial long haul and will call out anyone anywhere if they are spreading dangerous conspiracy nonsense that can psychology damage people.

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