Flat Earth Debunked By Hiith With Damning Evidence


Here we have Hiith. A bright young man that has some very good evidence putting Flat Earth nonsense to shame. He only states the obvious but in his defense that is all you have with these Flat Earth individuals since it is grade school level content.

You can actually go and buy a children’s telescope for pretty cheap and prove that the earth is a sphere but most Flat Earth individuals are not going to go that far obviously. Anything that can prove them wrong normally just makes them stick their fingers in their ears like a creationist being shown a fossil.

Hiith Destroys Flat Earth

Hiith shows us some very damning images to the Flat Earth argument, or at least it should. Whenever you show Flat Earthers photos they just scream fake but then never do anything to prove their own point at all. Gravity is not real? Fine, prove it. The photos Hiith shows here are about the curvature of the Earth with ships going out to sea. It really put their whole argument to shame.

If you are on the fence with this stuff, seriously, take a look at the facts and do some more listening to someone like Hiith here. I assure you, if this is your first look into this subject the evidence for the earth being a sphere is more than concrete. It is one of the things that we know to be true. There is not really an argument here, just people sticking their fingers in their ears while logic bombs are getting tossed at them.

JM Truth Destroyed in Discussion


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