Flat Earth D. Marble Attempts Physics and Fails


Welcome to a gentleman by the name of D. Marble. If you take a deep look at his YouTube channel you will see different types of content about conspiracy theories. These all range from questions about certain deaths being suicides, vegan diet information, some religious comments, and the one we will concentrate on; the idea of the Earth being flat.

Flat Earth Physics Fail

There is everything on there from tests that he has tried, general thoughts on Flat Earth, and also live debates where him and everyone like him really get their proverbial rear-ends handed to them but still claim victory for some reason upon conclusion. This is part of where the problem lies. These individuals do not listen when plain facts are laid out in front of them and D. Marble is of no exception. They scream and whine like little children for data that can be verified by themselves and when you give it to them they throw it on the floor like a child having a tantrum.

Illiterate With Science

Another major issue is that he thinks he understands physics and applies his own ignorance to these tests, which in turn poisoning people’s minds that are susceptible to that sort of thing. Unfortunately, this has to do with a general ignorance in the public about science and the natural world.

If a subject is difficult for some people to grasp and they hear something that sounds more plausible to them they tend to latch onto it or entertain the idea and then end up believing it themselves. If you watch above you will see how easy it is for someone like SciManDan to pick apart every little nuance where this ignorant little man tries to spread his nonsense.

Flat Earth Paranoia at its Worst


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