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Flat Earth Individual Eric Dubay – More Cluelessness

Flat Earth Individual Eric Dubay – More Cluelessness

This is actually one of the more popular Flat Earth individuals from what I understand. His name is Eric Dubay and he is, simply put, idiotic to say the least. He’s a moron that actually has some pretty graphics on his videos but do not be fooled; they’re nonsense. We call on everyone to simply point and laugh whenever you get the chance at him. I know it sounds childish but that is what needs to be done with these idiots to weed them out.

To believe in Flat Earth you need to think that everybody, yes everybody, is lying to you. I can understand not trusting the government but to say that literally everyone is lying to you is simply crazy. The very fact that there is a need for a blog like this is astounding to me. But, here we are in the 21st century trying to get rid of a really dumb idea with really stupid people spreading it.

Flat Earth Idiocy With Eric Dubay

The moronic things that this guy says are simply hilarious until you figure out that people actually listen to him. I almost put him in the same category as Kron Gracie or Eddie Bravo because they have a lot of people listening and a lot of people are susceptible to that sort of ridiculousness. This is where we call on our friend FTFE to make sure the correct message gets out about how to deal with stupidity like this.

Actually, that is what FTFE is all about; calling out stupidity. The way he brilliantly picks these people apart actually makes my job here fun. I mean, it does help keep my science in check but at times listening to these people wears on you. But FTFE always makes me laugh at how he calls them out. He’s also very well rounded in science as well with credentials from the Royal Navy.

Flat Earth Debunked With Cute Footage From Antarctica


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