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Flat Earth Idiot Calls Himself a Scientist

Flat Earth Idiot Calls Himself a Scientist

This is another individual that you will see in debates as well as in the drivel that he spews out to his viewers on YouTube. He calls himself a scientist and I cannot even explain how offensive this is to actual scientists that have dedicated their lives to the betterment of humanity through science. It is within here that you see the utter narcissism of the Flat Earth community.

Flat Earth Proving Only Ignorance

Nathan Thompson is nothing more than a little man with a tiny brain and I’m really surprised he can even put his own pants on. Insulting centuries of scientists is really only the beginning with particular Flat Earth individual. Nothing he says has anything to do with the natural world that we live in. If you watch him get picked apart by our buddy SciManDan here, you will see how utterly, utterly stupid he really is.

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