Flat Earth Idiots Against Quantum Physics


This subject matter within the Flat Earth community is very hard to listen to. You’ll notice as Conspiracy Catz plays some clips of these, one of them says they understand Quantum Physics. This is simply some ridiculous drivel that is unfathomable to someone with a logical mind. One guy actually says that he shows a drawing (example) of one of the experiments to his ten year old daughter and she gets it; come on!

More Audacious Flat Earth Claims Absent of Humility

They read something like Feynman and say it is ridiculously easy. Yes, these idiots actually say that Quantum Physics is easy. This is where we all nuclear facepalm if we borrow some terminology from our friend FTFE. Okay, let’s just face some facts here. First, the individual that has a daughter and says she understands that experiment is going to need some deprogramming someday and he should be ashamed (Game of Thrones style) to even put such thoughts into a poor child’s head.

If Flat Earth morons have taught us anything is that in the general public there is a dwindling understanding of our natural world and it is getting worse. This is where Conspiracy Catz and Baldy Catz comes in! I got to the point quite a while ago where I didn’t think Flat Earth idiocy could get more idiotic and then a Flat Earth moron said that Quantum Physics is easy. In my opinion, that is really all that needs to be said and I’ll let those two Catz explain the rest of it.

Flat Earth Idiocy With Starhopper Test Launch


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