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Flat Earth Debate With JM Truth Destroyed … Again

Flat Earth Debate With JM Truth Destroyed … Again

Here we have another clueless individual name JM Truth. This article will be a bit different as I am bringing up not just a video but a website that this flat earth individual has made. Also, I am showing a debate, which I normally do not do either. I did this because this is where my issue comes in with people like this. They try to pose as potential educators and all they spread is ignorance. This intellectual gerbil actually has a website and a documentary coming out with all of his ignorance contained therein.

Flat Earth Nonsense Within JM Truth

I have watched this guy get his proverbial rear end handed to him over and over. He had a debate with FTFE (with Craig nonetheless, the man himself) and it was simply a slaughter. The man is simply clueless but I think my biggest issue is that he posts up his credentials all the while spewing ignorance all over the place. If you look at his website jmtruth.com you can see how utterly stupid this man is. I even came across videos on his YouTube channel that he calls “debates” while it is just him and another Flat Earth individual talking about their own idiotic blather.

While this is continually allowed, people like FTFE, SciManDan, and Conspiracy Catz etc etc are here to set all this straight. There are many others out there (like myself) that aren’t going to just let this ignorance spread further than it already has and are trying to take measures against it. Otherwise, we will be going backwards as a species intellectually.

Flat Earth Individual Mark Sargent – Owned Again


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