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Flat Earth Individual Mark Sargent, More Clueless Drivel

Flat Earth Individual Mark Sargent, More Clueless Drivel

Apparently, this is one of the “big” names when it comes to Flat Earth. I have to say, I’m really not impressed. When first seeing this guy thought, “Well, maybe this guy will have something else to bring to the table.” He really doesn’t and it shows big time. I read up on this individual long before writing about this video and he is not a little like all other Flat Earth drivel-spewers; he is exactly like them. They all seem to be pretty much cut off the same block in a lot of ways.

Just Another Moron Flat Earth Claimer

Anyways, sometimes I enjoy giving a good bunch of material here so I can get some of this stuff off my chest but really, I think I’ll keep it short this time around. SciManDan as usual helps us all here by showing us how stupid Mark Sargent really is. Unlike Sargent, he has an actual background in education and can school anyone on the basis of reality and the world we live in.

Now, getting these people to listen is impossible, but we don’t do this for them. We do this for the vulnerable individuals that actually stop and give credence to this nonsensical drivel. We need to work hard to try to educate as many people we can about the world around them. Unfortunately, ignorance can spread and with haste as well.

A very, very basic understanding of science (I mean grade school level stuff here) takes care of this but it is one thing all these people lack.

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