Home Conspiracy Theories Flat Earth Idiot M Bens – Dinosaurs Never Existed

Flat Earth Idiot M Bens – Dinosaurs Never Existed

Flat Earth Idiot M Bens – Dinosaurs Never Existed

This is another individual that believes that the earth is flat. So, how surprised can we be when we find out that he does not believe dinosaurs existed either? Not too much actually. If you think the earth is flat then you will most likely believe anything. One thing I’ve noticed with these people is they have no knowledge on how to find information on the Internet properly and oh my, they really cannot think for themselves.

M. Bens Another Idiot Flat Earth Believer

This moron is not anybody new, we have other articles with him and even other Flat Earth individuals like D. Marble; who is quite the drivel spewer himself unfortunately. But here we just have him showing everyone how stupid he really is. The nerve to spit in the face of so many brilliant individuals is simply stunning and he takes absolutely zero steps to prove anything he reads, he just reads it; very, very pitiful.

He even says that museums do not put real fossils out and yeah, correct they don’t. At least not all the time, those things are fragile and that does not even remotely count as evidence of anything in the first place. It is literally like watching a child trying to figure out two plus two. Luckily, we have SciManDan to knock down his audacious claims and set him straight with a little thing called; facts!

Nitwit Thinks That Dinosaurs Never Existed


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