Flat Earth Trashed – A Guide to Radians by Baldy Catz


We have more educational content from Baldy Catz where he explains radians in a relatively simple manner. Baldy Catz is an educator and cares about science, unlike individuals like Kron Gracie and Eddie Bravo who decide to remain ignorant instead of even attempting to understand the natural world around them. This includes Flat Earth believers as well or course.

Flat Earth Denied Yet Again With Simplicity

Even simple Geometry like this has a hand in proving that Flat Earth is nonsense so please if you are curious at all have a look at his content. He really has some good material on there. He also has another channel where he talks more about conspiracies alone instead of more of the educational material that we see here.

Conspiracy Catz
Eddie Bravo and Kron Gracie – Two Complete Morons


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