Flat Earth Individual Perplexed By Water Levels


This here is a Flat Earth individual that gets really upset at us people that think the world is a sphere and he has something for us as well. He has regular, everyday things that we can do that prove us wrong; imagine that! It is simply amazing that someone is this far out of touch with the world around them.

The argument that he has is so simple to stamp out that it normally feels like it is not worth mentioning but that is where the problem is. He says that water always finds its level and if the Earth is a globe how can the water stick to a sphere? This is so, so dumb but people actually listen to this nonsense.

Flat Earth Ignorance and Stupidity

Everyone needs to call these people out with their ridiculousness. This guy actually says that by dumping water on a basketball and it not conforming to the ball is proof that we do not live on a sphere. It is simply astounding! Also, I really hate to sound too mean but listening to a large Scottish guy scream at us about the Earth being flat is, well, hilarious.

It just makes me want to cry while I’m laughing because of how stupid humanity has gotten. We have absolutely no excuse to have people this ignorant among us. Eddie Bravo and Kron Gracie, we are talking to you two as well! Listening to SciManDan dismantle this guys evidence is just priceless. He doesn’t fail to deliver here!

Flat Earth Idiocy Comes With Its Dangers


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