Flat Earth Group Playing Dirty On YouTube


We have seen a lot of content on YouTube when it comes to the issue of Flat Earth and now they are simply playing dirty since they cannot get a foothold otherwise. What we have here is a bunch of scared children trying to push their ideas onto individuals. They are using copyright claims in a nefarious manner to get content that refutes them, not once but every single time, removed from the platform completely. This should be stopped immediately before it becomes an issue.

Flat Earth Playing Dirty on YouTube

Here you will find our buddy GreaterSapien giving us a quick heads up on the issue and as soon as I saw it I got it up here in an attempt to help any way I can. This is very important because these groups all follow each other’s actions since they have nobody to guide them, which is kind of funny actually. Basically, even if someone gets facts wrong it just gets passed on sometimes. For instance, the lot of them will look up stuff on Wikipedia like it is a good source to prove anything scientific.

But this is really a problem because they prey on people that are susceptible to their nonsense and unfortunately a lot of people cling to more simple explanations. This is simply them trying to get out ahead and bring more people in by attempting to bend the rules in their favor. It really shows how childish they are. If they had anything to back up their ridiculous claims they wouldn’t need to resort to this. So, even in these actions they are inadvertently proving to everyone that they are, simply put, completely and utterly full of it.

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