Flat Earth Trolls Have Some Queries for Conspiracy Catz


One thing that we find over and over again within the Flat Earth community is comedy. Even though this subject matter is pretty sad we can at least have a laugh (as often as possible all things considered) and Conspiracy Catz is here to help us a bit. From idiot Flat Earth flunkies trying to talk to people in public to our Flat Earth comic Del himself asking how the warp drive works in the Enterprise on Star Trek; it is an instant classic!

Flat Earth Comedy Practically Writes Itself

These people really do practically write their own material. I mean, if I was told when I was younger that I would see a grown Scottish individual that thinks the Earth is flat and loves yelling at his computer about it I would think you were insane. But welcome everyone, to the 21st century, where we have plans on the table to colonize Mars and idiots cannot even begin to comprehend the shape of the planet.

We even get some Baldy Catz in this one, which is always a treat. I wish he would visit the remedial classroom and give FTFE a break every so often but one can only dream! Whom we have running both of these channels is nothing other than a teacher himself. He knows his stuff and uses Conspiracy Catz as his handle for busting out Flat Earth nonsense and then Baldy Catz is more of the instructor; sort of giving us the “nuts and bolts” of everything.

I urge you to check out both of his channels, especially if you are on the fence about Flat Earth. He lays out everything pretty well from A-Z and educates while doing so. Remember, if you do not understand something, it does not mean that it is not true. This is one of many, many issues that Flat Earth individuals have unfortunately.

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Conspiracy Catz
Baldy Catz


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