Flat Earth Ridiculousness With Starhopper Test Launch


This is another Flat Earth individual that goes by the name of Level Earth Observer and he is just as idiotic as the rest of them. He is picking on a video of a test launch of Starhopper. This is simply another Flat Earth idiot doing exactly what they do best; spreading lies born from stupidity.

In his video he tries to explain that it has got to be CGI because it does not have an affect on the dust beneath it, when it clearly does. The wind blows some of the dust away so you only see a thin path, which is the path the rocket is taking; imagine that!

Flat Earth Debunked Again by SciManDan

For this we turn again to our buddy SciManDan and he hardly even has to debunk anything here really. He just shows a video from a different angle and then drops the proverbial mic on their own Flat Earth stage. It is just sad how dumb these people are. What is really sad it that they have absolutely no excuse for their audacious claims. They just continue to spread their nonsense and wonder why everyone is laughing at them.

“This is actually simple stuff,” they say. While almost the entire globe says, “Your’re absolutely correct, it is, idiot!” I’m normally not one to call people names like this but when it is plainly and simply an accurate description then calling them out is a must; especially when it causes the damage that this causes. For instance, like someone saying the Earth is flat and that all the world’s governments, NASA, teachers, professors, labs, and scientists etc. etc. are all lying to us and have been for centuries.

Flat Earth Playing Dirty With Copyright Rules


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