Flat Earth Sleeping Warrior Gets It Completely Wrong


This is Baldy Catz back again with some more knowledge for us. It is a bit different from some of his normal videos, which normally airs on his other channel Conspiracy Catz but the premise was started on this particular channel so he has it as a one off. He completely humiliates Flat Earth nonsensical ego-maniacal narcissist Sleeping Warrior with some very simple science.

Flat Earth Idiot Sleeping Warrior

Sleeping Warrior seriously has some issues; mainly in stupidity. He does experiments with a little lab coat and literally spits on science while doing so. With this video we see Baldy Catz make a terrible fool of him and it is priceless. Especially when you clearly see that Sleeping Warrior is only proving himself wrong. It just goes to show that Flat Earth nonsense is exactly that; nonsense.

Eddie Bravo Proving He is a Complete Idiot


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