Mockery of Flat Earth Debate and The Worst 2019 Experiment So Far


Flat Earth individuals are back at it again and we have Conspiracy Catz to thank for taking these morons on again. Usually, I like the videos to do most of the talking but there is one section in particular that I would like to address. It just shows simply how dumb people are that believe that the Earth is a floating pancake.

Jaw Dropping Flat Earth Ridiculousness

What we have here is more and more ignorance with these people trying to come up with experiments that they can do at home that prove their point. While that never happens, sometimes their prove our point for us and this is where we find ourselves now. This guy I am referring to, in short, is a complete moron and I’m being very completely and utterly liberal when I call him that. He takes a little cheap level and sticks it to the side of a globe that is sitting on a sidewalk (yes I did say sidewalk) and he thinks this proves his point.

If anyone reading this has at least half of their common sense they can see how many flaws this has. There really is no need to point all of them out, just seeing what he does says it all! I mean seriously, sometimes it just looks like they are not even trying. At least we have Conspiracy Catz to point out the flaws and from here I think I will let him take it because I just cannot continue on with this one; just sad, and pitifully so.

Conspiracy Catz
Flat Earth Playing Nefariously On YouTube


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