Gravity Is Impossible for Flat Earth Individuals


The one subject I hear come up time and time again when dealing with people that believe in the ridiculous idea of the earth being flat is gravity. It is so confusing to them but it is most definitely a thing and the Flat Earth community loves to throw out the science books when it comes to it. We can observe and measure its effects all over place up to and including satellites, planets, the sun, the moon, and even everyday objects down here on the oblate spherical Earth.

Gravity – The End of the Flat Earth

With this article we have SciManDan handing D. Marble some education that he should really listen to. If you listen to him, D. Marble has absolutely no idea what he is talking about and you will see he is definitely not someone you will want to listen to at least when it comes to science up to and including gravity. His ideas are dangerous and it wouldn’t be an issue if he wasn’t actively spreading this ignorance to everyone else that could be (like him) susceptible to these sorts of hare-brained ideas.

Baldy Catz
Eddie Bravo and Kron Gracie – Two Complete and Utter Morons


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