Home Conspiracy Theories Nitwit Thinks That Dinosaurs Never Existed

Nitwit Thinks That Dinosaurs Never Existed

Nitwit Thinks That Dinosaurs Never Existed

Now, are we actually serious about this one? Yes, we have started to hit the bottom of the gene pool with our coverage of conspiracy nonsense. We’re not too sure if this is as dumb as Flat Earth idiocy but we know it is at bare minimum on par with it. Who else to ask for some help other then SciManDan.

Idiot Burns Child’s Dinosaur Toy From School

I will not link to this persons channel since I  have not asked for permission and I refuse to ask anybody like that for anything. So, go to YouTube and type in “Christians Against Dinosaurs” and you will see the channel. Within the channel you will see a video named “Dino Burn” and it is exactly what it sounds like. The lady in the video says that her daughter came home with a toy from school because they were learning about dinosaurs. So, what does this person do? Oh, like any normal human being she takes it outside and makes a video of her on her back porch burning her kids’ toy.

I mean we are really hitting the bottom of the gene pool here. I normally do not go into the other channels too often and mention anything about other videos but with this I just had to. I think she needs to go get the receipt for her No. 1 Mother t-shirt, go return it, and get her kid another toy! This is yet another example of ridiculousness at the highest level where ignorance is even negatively impacting children in a huge way; some would say even abusive.


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