Flat Earth M Bens and D Marble Perplexed by Reality


D Marble is one of those Flat Earth individuals that I have heard saying some really stupid stuff. But here we have SciManDan not only answering any idiotic questions from him but also M Bens as well. These two really are simply two peas within a giant pod of idiocy. There is really a small part of me that feels bad for them. But, then I realize that these two had a lot of the same education as the rest of us and are just simply two bumbling idiot when it comes to the natural world in general.

Flat Earth M Bens and D Marble Torn Apart Brilliantly

They speak of common sense all while thinking they know better than everyone else up to and including all the scientists, teachers, professors, etc, etc. The smug look all over D. Marble’s face is really paramount to the utter arrogance that is within most all of these individuals. It is one thing to be confused on a subject matter but to me this out of touch with reality just slows down all of humanity. They don’t even realize that the natural world is so much more amazing than any of the nonsense that they come up with.

Thanks to our buddy SciManDan we need not worry. He hits all of their claims and questions back and seemingly with a sledge hammer as well. I find it funny that even with all of the evidence right in front of them and they still deny it. They want something they can do themselves and we give it to them. They want it repeatable and everything we give to them is repeatable. In the end, I’m just noticing that nothing is good enough for these people. They are simply content in their Narnia.

Flat Earth Individual Mark Sargent, Just Another Clueless Human


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